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Posted: December 15, 2011 in Web Culture

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As a journalist, writing is part of my job. I was working for Republika, one of Indonesian newspaper, for 4 years. I tackled various issues, start to criminal, politic, economy, until lifestyle. In 2008 my friend introduced me to WordPress blog. He said that a blog with articles in it can be used as portfolio. If someone is interested to some of my article, maybe he/she can over me a job. So come up with that idea, I made my blog,

For the first time, to make my blog looks active, I posted my articles which were published in the newspaper. Surprisingly, I got some feedback for some of my articles. I did not expect a feedback, because in my experiences, if you write on newspaper you do not know what the readers think about your article, but in the blog the readers can directly give their comment. In my blog, the most comment I got is from my health article. The readers sometime asked me more detail about the topic I had wrote or they asked for contact information of medical institution which can help their health problem. That interaction has been encouraging me to keep writing on my blog. ‘Blogging offers a way for individuals to publicly express their own opinions and to affiliate with like-minded individuals’ (Kaye, 2005: 90).

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It has been 3 years for me to maintain my blog and I notice that actually we can post any content we want to our blog. ‘Blog content was equally diverse, ranging from journals of daily activities to serious commentaries on important issues. Blogging is an unusually versatile medium, employed for everything from spontaneous release of emotion to archivable support of group collaboration and community’ (Nardi et al, 2004: 46). So the content of the blog is depends on the users. It can show how the user point of view. As Kaye (2005) argues that the content of the blog is a combination between news, information and self-expression.

From Kaye point of view, I can say that being blogger is almost the same as being journalist. As a blogger we gather information and write it down on our post, so do the journalist. But I said ‘almost’ means that there are differences between those two activities. If one actual event are happened, as a journalist the information you gathered must be based on real fact, while as blogger, it over us freedom to construct our writing. We can be as rigid as journalist in term of journalism code of conduct or we can just write our opinion about the event without worrying whether it based on fact or not. Another issue is as journalist we have newspaper behind us, so when our writing are being published, we don’t have to worry, whether people read it or not, but as a blogger you need to attract people to read your blog post. It’s not an easy task, because in the internet world, people can easily change from one website to another. So as a blogger, it is important to think about the content of the blog post and the design of the web blog.

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  1. ulungpalima says:

    Seems like ideas just flow over your head to your blog! I wish I could easily write blog like I write a script…=P. It’s inspiring to know that feedback could encourage us to write! Okay, from now on, I would probably reduce the coffee and more the writing, hehe.

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